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  • Inditex
  • Finsa
  • Naturgy
  • Copasa
  • Philips
  • Invertaresa
  • Inega
  • Xunta de Galicia
  • USC
  • Universidade da Coruña
  • Universidade de Vigo

Executive Committee


  • President

    Manuel Fernández Pellicer
    General Representative of Gas Natural Fenosa in Galicia

  • Vice chairman

    José Cidrás Pidre
    Professor at the University of Vigo

  • Secretary

    Ángel Bernardo Tahoces
    General Director for Industry, Energy and Mining of Xunta de Galicia (Galician regional government)

  • Vocales

  • José Luis Suárez Gutiérrez CEO of Copasa
  • Juan Jesús Berzosa Aránguez General Manager of Tasga Renovables
  • Moisés Termenón Gómez Energy Manager of Finsa
  • Rocío Fernández Artime Efficiency and Energy Solutions Manager of Gas Natural
  • Antonio Gerardo Abril Abadín Board Secretary-Director of Inditex
  • Antonio Álvarez Sánchez Environment Manager of Inditex
  • Juan Carlos Aguilera Vela Commercial Lighting Manager of Philips Iberica
  • José Luis Míguez Tabarés Vice rector for Planning and Sustainability of the University of Vigo

Executive Management

Juan I. Rodríguez Fernández Arroyo

Executive Management

Juan is a Mining Engineer (University of Vigo). He has extensive professional experience linked to energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and the use of renewable energy sources in building and industry.

He has published articles in magazines specialised in the sector as well as participating in different conferences and congresses about energy efficiency.

He has given conferences included in different courses about renewable energies, energy savings, and climate change at the national and international level as well as technical courses on renewable energies.

He has been a teacher of the Master’s Degree in Energy and Sustainability offered by the Industrial Engineering School of the University of Vigo since 2009 and- since 2016- he has been an Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Machines, Thermal Engines and Fluids of the University of Vigo.

He obtained the Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP) qualification from the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

Juan joined the EnergyLab’s technical team in November 2008. He was the Technical Manager in the area of sustainable building before becoming the General Manager.

Corporate Management

Marta González Gómez

Corporate Management

Marta has a Degree and MBA in Business Administration from IESIDE Business School, a Master’s Degree in Business and Administration (MBA) from the IE Business School in Madrid and a Master’s Degree in Customer Acquisition and Retention (ESIC).

She has got a extensive experience in mass market and services multinationals, in different departments like Marketing, HR and Financial becoming a multidisciplinary person who has work in almost every field of the Company.

She started her career as a business consultant at Teknoland and –later- at Soluziona. She joined the energy sector in 2004 through Unión Fenosa, at the same time, the market started to be liberalised. At Unión Fenosa, Marta had the chance to work in the Commercial Department before she joined the Marketing team where she got a new point of view towards energy sector business. It was then when she joined EnergyLab. Since the beginning, Marta took part in the creation of the project which has later turned into the present EnergyLab.

Nowadays, she is its Corporate Director and is in charge of the Marketing, Communication, HR and Ecofin Departments.

Project Office Manager

Paula Iglesias Reiriz

Project Manager

Paula is an Industrial Engineer from the University of Vigo, a University Master in Energy and Sustainability from the University of Vigo and a Master in Business and Administration (MBA) from the IESIDE Business School.

In 2006 she began her professional career in Paris, in the company Hecla, where she had the opportunity to make contact with the industrial and energy world. After two years in France, she began his career in the world of R + D + i with the help of the AIMEN Technology Center. At this stage, she achieved ambitious milestones such as leading the launch of the Welding Technological Observatory, defining the Center’s Intellectual Property strategy, carrying out technological consulting projects for more than 50 SMEs, and participating in more than 40 R + D + projects. National , European and H2020. The latter, working on defining ideas, finding partners, writing proposals, technical execution and justification and presentation of results.

Her last professional stage goes through Zabala, where the contact with the business fabric and their needs becomes even more evident.

In 2018, Paula joined EnergyLab to take over the Project Office, leading as well the EnergyLab’s technology transfer strategy.

Communication and Training

Berta Rodríguez Martínez

Comunicación y Formación
986120450. Ext: 5003

HR AND Ecofin

Deolinda Regueiro Domínguez

986120450. Ext: 5022

Project Office

Dolores Mariño Cabaleiro

Oficina Proyectos
986120450. Ext: 5030

European Projects

María Gómez-Reino Pérez

Proyectos Europeos
986120450. Ext: 5029

Technology Promotion

Iago López Rodríguez

Technology Promotion Manager
986120450. Ext: 5031

Iago is a Mining Engineer from the University of Vigo, Post Graduate in Project Management from the School of Economics of Warsaw and Master in the European Union from the European Institute.

He has developed his professional career in leadership positions in the field of department management and business development, in companies such as Acciona, Aldesa and Ghella. This professional experience allows him, not only a major professional challenge, but also his international opening, developing positions in Poland, Ukraine, Italy and Australia.

Finally, in 2018, Iago joins EnergyLab’s team the with the mission of redefining and implementing the commercial strategy for the Centre in order to get closer to the national and internacional business network, identifying and meeting their needs for innovation in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Research Areas

Sustainable Mobility

David Meana Rodríguez

Sustainable Mobility Manager
986120450. Ext: 5013

David is a Superior Industrial Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Technology and Advanced Processes Research in Industry as well as a University Expert’s Degree on Logistics and Production Management (all of them from the University of Vigo).

He owns a long career focused on energy sector. It started at EnergyLab, as a researcher in the Industry Area, where he worked in monitoring and energy analysis in different sectors as well as in the development of different R+D+I projects accomplished by that area. In 2011, he starts his activity as a researcher in the Mobility Area and-in January 2016- he becomes its manager. Here, the team perform research tasks linked to propulsion systems (both ground and naval ones) by the new storage/generation technologies based on batteries, hydrogen and natural gas.

Industry and Sustainable Building

Gerardo Rodríguez Vázquez

Industry and Sustainable Building Manager
986120450. Ext: 5008

Gerardo is an a Superior Industrial Engineer from the University of Vigo with an Executive MBA from the IESIDE Business School, with which he has completed an international business programme at the University of Georgetown.

He has developed his career on energy efficiency as part of EnergyLab Technology centre team since 2008. He has been performed tasks linked to technical coordination of innovation projects both in Building and Industry (B&I), for different calls, both with public and private partners in LIFE, H2020, SUDOE, CDTI calls, among others. From the B&I area, he promotes and develop projects linked to HVAC and renewable generation focused on the achievement of nearly-zero energy buildings (NZEB), as well as projects related to energy management and improvement of efficiency in the industry 4.0.

He is an expert in energy savings measurement and verification; he owns the CMVP (Certified Measurement & Verification Professional) certification from the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). He has taken part in the drafting of measurement and verification plans for energy savings improvement implementation projects. He also holds the Project management PMP certification.


Ángela Rodríguez Abalde

986120450. Ext: 5024

Ángela has a Biology Degree from University of Vigo she also holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

In 2004, she started her degree as a researcher at the University of Vigo, in the optimisation of composting. In 2006, she started her research on anaerobic digestion of meat waste at GIRO (a technology centre located in Barcelona), at the same time, she completed her doctoral thesis. She has been abroad several times (Finland, Holland, Germany) where she increased her knowledge on biogas generation, until she finally returned to Spain in 2012 -with a Marie Curie engineering contract- and joined AEMA (La Rioja).

At the end of 2013, she started to work at EnergyLab. Nowadays, she is in charge of the Bioenergy Area, leading a team with high potential and extensive experience in research and innovation. Its scientific activity is focused on the recovery of organic waste from WWTO livestock, industrial or SUW origin by the anaerobic digestion process or combustion/gasification. She owns experience in co-digestion, pre-processing, low-cost post-processing, gas purification to obtain methane etc.

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