10 años Energylab

A Reference Centre

It is specialised in energy efficiency and sustainability. It is able to advise, coordinate and lead innovation projects.

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    Lines of research

    We are at Forefront of energy efficiency and sustainability, always looking for innovation and excellence.

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    Our team

    EnergyLab relies on a highly qualified staff. 80% is focused on R+D+I activities. All of them are university graduates and 21% are doctors.

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    Our mission is to improve the competitiveness of the business fabric through innovative projects will allow to enhance the energy performance and reduce the environmental impacts of their activities.


Infografía Energylab Centro Tecnológico
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    Technological services

    According to the market needs, they are the base of technology innovation linked to energy savings and sustainability.

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    European r+d+i

    Intervention in top-level international consortia which allow us to get funding for many H2020, Interreg (SUDOE, Espacio Atlántico and POCTEP) and LIFE projects.

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    Sharing our knowledge with the market, we have so far qualified more than 1500 pupils from more than 500 companies