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EnergyLab joins the international hydrogen network H2TRANSEL

The Hydrogen Network: Production and Uses in the Transport and Electric Sector (H2TRANSEL), promoted by CYTED, the Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for Development, has been created by the governments of the Ibero-American countries to promote scientific cooperation, technology and innovation in Ibero-America. EnergyLab joins this network as a Spanish ally for the advancement of the development of hydrogen as an energy vector.

The creation of this hydrogen network is significant for the Ibero-American scientific community, which must be aware of the new technological scientific developments and, if possible, have an active participation in them. The new energy scenario that is approaching may allow us to insert our own technology in the world market or, at least, have the technical capabilities to acquire the most appropriate for each situation.

These new technologies involve: the development of new materials for hydrogen storage, the development of new catalysts and photocatalysts for production and purification, the use of unconventional reactors, the use of biomass and natural gas as raw materials, the development of processes for the capture and confinement of CO2, one of the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect, and the development of fuel cells.

The objectives of this Network are:

  • Provide a space for the Ibero-American community to analyze and discuss:
    • current and future hydrogen production technologies.
    • advances related to storage, transport, and security,
    • and the applications of hydrogen as a vector of energy, in transport, in the electricity sector and its complementation with fuel cells.
  • Articulate the potential of the Ibero-American R&D&i groups dedicated to the study of new hydrogen production processes and the development of new applications as an energy vector, linking them with the productive sector and with state agencies with the purpose of establishing tools that allow finding solutions to technical problems, increase the capacity and promote the development of its members and progressively contribute to the technological development of the Ibero-American countries.
  • Plan and execute research actions, scientific exchange and dissemination of the results achieved, which contribute to the knowledge in Ibero-American countries of new production technologies using non-polluting raw materials and new applications as an energy vector, particularly in the sector of automotive transport.
  • Coordinate CYTED activities aimed at transferring knowledge from R&D centers to Ibero-American companies and promote Training Activities and Programs for Higher Education Students in Technologies and Uses of Hydrogen (FORTHY Project).

The consortium is made up of more than 50 groups from 13 Ibero-American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela.

More information about this network in Red H2TRANSEL