10 años Energylab


Circular Economy


Life Cycle Analysis and Ecodesign

Development of projects based on eco-innovation and the circular economy, with particular attention to the areas and applications considered key in the European Circular Economy Strategy, such as food waste, plastics, buildings, critical raw materials, etc.

Study of value chains and production models for the transformation of linear models towards the green and circular economy.

Design of products with environmental criteria to avoid or reduce their environmental impact before they are put on the market and at all stages of their useful life.

Support in the regulatory development of European public policies regarding the green economy and resource use (Green Deal, Circular Economy Action Plan, etc.).

Digitization of processes and development of environmental management tools

Design of measurement, monitoring and follow-up procedures for circular economy, energy efficiency and industrial sustainability strategies using specific indicators appropriate to specific processes and economic sectors.

Standardization of procedures through the development of tools for the quantification, control and communication of environmental impacts.

Optimization of processes and activities from the point of view of energy and environmental efficiency, through the design and implementation of analysis and continuous improvement processes, management plans or integration of artificial intelligence systems.

Development of strategies and implementation of digital sustainability systems to guarantee the development and implementation of digital technologies in accordance with the objectives and requirements established for the ecological and energy transition at the European level.

Innovation in production models, circular strategies and industrial symbiosis

Development of projects based on industrial symbiosis, the creation of markets for secondary raw materials and the promotion of prevention, reduction, repair, reuse and recycling strategies of products and materials related to key sectors, such as renewable energy, transport or waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Analysis and validation of new technologies for the use of waste or secondary raw materials.

Sustainability study of resource use strategies in the field of bioeconomy and energy transition.

Strategic collaboration with industrial sectors for the implementation of new technologies and innovative processes in terms of sustainability.