10 años Energylab


Noticias y actualidad

Launch of Audit Plus project to boost the energy efficiency of energy-intensive industries

The Audit Plus project, financed under European LIFE-CET-22 research framework, has officially begun its activity with a hybrid meeting held at the innovation center iLab in Madrid, attended all the consortium members. The project will extend over the next 3 years to help energy intensive industries (EEII) enhancing their energy efficiency with pilot implementation in...
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D-HYDROFLEX project started

The European energy system is undergoing a significant transformation: decarbonization, security of supply, deployment of renewables and their integration into the market, generating significant opportunities and challenges for energy stakeholders. Despite all energy efficiency efforts, overall demand for decarbonized electricity is set to be significantly higher in 2050 than today due to the decarbonization of...
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We celebrate 15 years of innovation in the energy sector

On the occasion of our 15th Anniversary, we held a press conference at our facilities and then a meeting between the EnergyLab team and the entities that make up our board, to whom we are very grateful for their support during these 15 years of history. At the press conference, our president, María Landeira, and...
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AIN ACTIVE: new member of the EnergyLab board

AIN ACTIVE, in its firm vocation for cutting-edge technology and for offering multidisciplinary technical solutions in the field of energy, civil, industrial and environmental engineering, joins the EnergyLab board to reinforce its path towards sustainability and excellence in energy technological innovation. The AIN ACTIVE group has 150 professionals who have developed more than 800 projects...
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University of Vigo and EnergyLab study the biodegradation of microplastics present in soil and water

During the last 60 years, the production of plastic has increased exponentially due to the low cost of its production, the versatility offered by its derivatives and, above all, due to the durability and low weight of said compounds. At a global level, it is estimated that around 300 Mt of plastic are consumed per...
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Aqualia joins the EnergyLab board

Aqualia, in its permanent search to improve the efficiency of production processes and the optimization of resources, joins our board of trustees to reinforce its commitment to sustainability. It is located as a reference brand in the sector, and positioned as avant-garde, specialized, transparent and innovative, and for this reason, from EnergyLab we welcome you...
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PDApp is born, the Operational Group to reduce food losses and waste in the agricultural sector

The GO PDApp Operational Group has held its launch meeting today, after several months of preparatory work. The GO PDApp faces one of the main current challenges in the food chain such as food losses and waste, with multiple social, environmental and economic consequences. The FAO estimates that the direct economic cost of lost or...
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GREENTOUR Project participates in the SETAC Congress

The SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting was held in Copenhagen, from May 15 to 19, a face-to-face and online meeting in which the impact of chemical products and technology on the environment is exposed from numerous multidisciplinary approaches. It is an open forum for the scientific community and entities that are dedicated to the study...
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ARVI and EnergyLab continue to devevelop the INERTIMAR initiative to reduce the spread of parasites in fishery products

ARVI and EnergyLab continue to devevelop the INERTIMAR initiative to reduce the spread of parasites in fishery products The second phase of the INERTIMAR project is started, together with ARVI, with the aim of developing and validating a sustainable and effective parasite extermination system on board a fishing vessel. Currently, a great many fishing boats...
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EnergyLab joins the international hydrogen network H2TRANSEL

EnergyLab joins the international hydrogen network H2TRANSEL The Hydrogen Network: Production and Uses in the Transport and Electric Sector (H2TRANSEL), promoted by CYTED, the Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for Development, has been created by the governments of the Ibero-American countries to promote scientific cooperation, technology and innovation in Ibero-America. EnergyLab joins this network...
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