10 años Energylab


Energylab Área Bioenergía


Anaerobic digestion and dark fermentation: biogas and biohydrogen

Carrying out projects aimed at optimizing the process, highlighting the following sublines of work:

  • Pre-treatments oriented to the characteristics of each waste to improve its biodegradability and inoculum.
  • Evaluation of codigestion, through characterization and analysis of synergistic mixtures.
  • Development and evaluation of new digester designs.
  • Systems monitoring and control tools and evaluation of operational conditions.
  • Valorization of outflow streams: recovery of nutrients through the use of hydrophobic membranes, biological systems or wetlands. It also includes post-treatments (composting) and the determination of its capacity as a biofertilizer. Evaluation and conversion of VFAs: conversion into other value-added compounds.

Gasification and thermochemical valorization: syngas and hydrogen

Evaluation and development of processes aimed at obtaining gaseous streams with energy interest from biomass of different origin.

  • Study of pretreatment of materials and use of additives.
  • Direct gasification of residual biomass (organic sludge, agroforestry waste, etc).
  • Gasification combined with “water gas shift – WGS” or with “sorption enhanced water gas shift – SEWGS” to obtain hydrogen. Study of catalysts and hybrid systems (adsorbent+catalyst) to carry out the reaction.
  • Pyrolysis and use of byproducts (biochar.

Treatment and valorization of gaseous streams

Research focused on the application and uses of gases with energy potential: biogas, syngas, methane, hydrogen.

  • Cleaning systems: new adsorbents for the capture of compounds such as H2S.
  • Gas mixture purification systems:
    • conversion through biological methanation by hydrogenotrophic archaea: power to gas concept.
    • CO2 capture: adsorption/absorption with different materials, purification through cultivation and growth of microalgae.
    • membrane and PSA technologies for other mixtures.
  • Transformation into thermal and electrical energy: thermochemical valorization: combined combustion with microcogeneration (organic Rankine cycle – ORC).
  • Conversion into other value-added compounds and carrier liquids: methanol and ammonia.