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FACENDO PLUS, the collaborative R&D project to boost industrial competitiveness

The FACENDO PLUS project: Industrial Competitiveness and Electromobility through Innovation and Digital Transformation Plus, was presented today at an event at the headquarters of the project leader, Stellantis Vigo.

The project, which has the participation of the CTAG, Aimen, Gradiant and EnergyLab technology centers; the University of Vigo; and the SMEs Unimate, SFC Solutions, Probotec and Merasys, is co-financed by the Xunta de Galicia within the framework of the fifth call for aid from the Fábrica Intelixente e Sustentable Programme.

The objective of FACENDO PLUS is to advance industrial competitiveness, generate technological innovation and promote the value chain in the Automotive Sector of Galicia, involving knowledge centers, SMEs and universities. It is a collaborative industrial research and experimental development project aimed at promoting industrial competitiveness, with lines of work linked to the Factory of the Future, the Vehicle of the Future, Connectivity and IT Infrastructure and Sustainability.

  • Within the scope of the Factory of the Future, the aim is to generate new knowledge about flexible production processes, with the minimum carbon footprint, for the manufacture of electric vehicles.
  • In relation to the Vehicle of the Future, new connected and intelligent systems and interfaces will be studied that allow the development of innovative products and devices for future ranges of electric and connected vehicles.
  • In terms of Connectivity and IT Infrastructure, the technologies associated with connectivity, IoT and the cloud will be investigated and evaluated to improve the performance (availability, security, automation, agility) and competitiveness of the IT infrastructure that serves the processes and products.
  • Facendo Plus incorporates Sustainability as an area of ​​progress. Projects that promote the circular economy, the reduction of the carbon footprint, prioritizing the use of renewable energies, are also integrated as lines of work

The execution period of this program, from the publication of the call for aid carried out by the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) in July 2023, will last for more than three years, ending in September 2026. The project partners will carry out an investment of 19.5 million euros, with public aid of almost 10 million euros from the Xunta de Galicia, through the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the ERDF Galicia 2021-2027 program.

FACENDOPLUS had as a background, since 2016, two other Research and Development projects: Factoría 4.0 and Facendo 4.0, which materialized an investment close to 170 million euros, with the completion of three million hours of research and engineering and the registration up to 46 patents.