10 años Energylab


Energy Technologies

Hydrogen production by electrochemical route

Research in the field of green hydrogen generation through electrochemical processes using different technologies for its production.

  • Analysis in the construction, characterization and optimization of materials for low temperature electrolyzers (AEM/PEM) improving composite ion exchange membranes, improving electrodes and reducing the Balance of Plant (BOP).
  • Study of high temperature solid oxide electrolyzers (SOEC). Production, microstructural, textural and electrochemical characterization of complex ceramics used in energy applications.

Storage, transportation, distribution of hydrogen and other renewable gases

Development of projects in the field of necessary infrastructures:

  • Use of existing networks.
  • Evaluation of mixtures (blending) and their impact on consumers.
  • Hydrogen permeability tests on materials. Study of mechanical stress in components of the transportation and distribution network.
  • Gas mixture separation systems: PSA, membranes.
  • Distribution and dispensing systems: hydrogen stations, HRS (Hydrogen Refueling Station) and gas stations.
  • Fluid dynamic simulation of accumulation systems.
  • Normative and regulatory development.
  • Network injection.

Uses of hydrogen, methanol, ammonia and other renewable gases as alternative fuels and integration into hybrid propulsion systems

Carrying out projects aimed at:

  • Uses of renewable gases as fuel and their impact on mobility.
  • Hybrid propulsion systems: renewable gases combined in internal combustion engines.
  • Production of methanol and ammonia (hydrogen carriers).
  • Application of methanol and ammonia as fuels.
  • Fuel cells: use of the vector in power generation. Design, assembly and testing of fuel cells of different technologies.