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The FIREPOCTEP+ project begins its drive for the prevention and cross-border fight against forest fires

The beginning of 2024 marks the beginning of the new FIREPOCTEP+ project (0139_FIREPOCTEP_MAS_6_E), which aims to strengthen forest fire prevention and extinction systems in the cross-border region between Spain and Portugal known as La Raya. This project is cofinanced by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the Interreg VI-A Spain-Portugal Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2021-2027 (POCTEP).

Led by the Universidad de Vigo, FIREPOCTEP+ has a total budget of 3,322,468.75 euros, has a duration of three years (01/01/2024-12/31/2026) and a total of 15 beneficiaries from Spain and Portugal, as well as 2 partners without financing.

FIREPOCTEP+ (Landscape resilient to large forest fires: emergency response, improving interoperability and operational and social training in the face of climate change), is the vital evolution of the successful FIREPOCTEP (0756_FIREPOCTEP_6_E) funded by the POCTEP 2014-2020 program. The new design of the project seeks to deepen the tasks carried out in its predecessor and expand the results through the design of connected governance protocols.

This ambitious project is positioned as a beacon of cross-border cooperation, betting on environmental preservation and socioeconomic growth in the regions involved. FIREPOCTEP+ promotes an integrated and sustainable approach to jointly address common challenges with a series of ambitious objectives that range from the development of innovative methodologies and tools, to promoting shared solutions through participatory strategies that involve the rural population and the productive sector.


Public-private collaboration plays a fundamental role in the development of FIREPOCTEP+, which brings together a wide range of public entities, universities, private foundations, technology centres and various committed institutions. This strategic alliance reflects the shared commitment to environmental preservation, strengthening forest fire prevention and the revitalization of rural areas.

Specifically, FIREPOCPTEP+ is made up of a total of 7 public administrations, 5 university centres and 2 private foundations and a cutting-edge technology centre. In addition, it has the support of 2 unfunded partners. The synergy between the beneficiaries offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, promoting the effectiveness and sustainability of the actions undertaken in this cross-border project.

From EnergyLab we will work on obtaining an early warning system using artificial intelligence algorithms, on the implementation of an early warning visualization system, on improving the tool for predicting the evolution of active fires developed during the previous project. FIREPOCTEP, and in the development of a training course for personnel in charge of decision-making during fire extinguishing on the active fire simulation tool.


This innovative project is positioned in direct response to the challenges identified by the new POCTEP 2021-2027 Operational Program, recognizing extreme forest fires as one of the most important natural risks in the cooperation space.

FIREPOCTEP+ aligns with the actions outlined in the European Green Deal, focusing on the mitigation of biodiversity and its impact on climate change. Furthermore, the cross-border vision of FIREPOCTEP+ pursues the objectives of the Common Cross-Border Development Strategy (CCDS) and clearly highlights among its priorities the need to strengthen the coordination of border resources related to civil protection and adapt emergency action protocols to both sides of the border.