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ARVI and EnergyLab continue to devevelop the INERTIMAR initiative to reduce the spread of parasites in fishery products

ARVI and EnergyLab continue to devevelop the INERTIMAR initiative to reduce the spread of parasites in fishery products

The second phase of the INERTIMAR project is started, together with ARVI, with the aim of developing and validating a sustainable and effective parasite extermination system on board a fishing vessel.

Currently, a great many fishing boats remove the entrails from fish after capture to prevent parasites from spreading within the fish. However, these contaminated viscera are returned to the sea, assuming the return of the parasite to the marine environment and can be re-introduced into other fish. That is why the owners of fishing vessels want a correct management of the viscera on board, to avoid the spread between the fishing species.

To solve this problem, in 2019 ARVI and the EnergyLab Technological Center developed a project demonstrating that the use of the residual heat of a combustion engine to decontaminate the waste generated in the fishing park is possible. This method allows reducing the re-diffusion of the parasite without generating an additional energy cost, since the carbon footprint of the ship is it not increased.

After the success of the results obtained, this new project will be developed in which EnergyLab and ARVI propose to advance in the development of the initial prototype. The INERTIMAR project (Sustainable system for the extermination of parasites in viscera on board) is an initiative framed in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and financed by the NextGenerationEU European Fund.

In this project, a prototype will be designed and built to be adapted to an existing fishing vessel, easily adaptable to the rest of the fleet. This new prototype will be installed on board one of the Gran Sol vessels, one of the numerous fishing grounds where the presence of the parasite has been detected. Once its operation has been tested in real conditions, the necessary modifications will be made for its optimization.

ARVI will help EnergyLab to develop and incorporate the prototype into the ship and to train the crew for its operation during the test trip.

This project aims to increase market confidence by collaborating to preserve the quality of fishing by improving the final product, thanks to the development of an equipment that allows alternatives in the market to other existing elimination equipment, the objective is to create a simple machine, efficient and robust not consuming energy.