10 años Energylab

AIN ACTIVE: new member of the EnergyLab board

AIN ACTIVE, in its firm vocation for cutting-edge technology and for offering multidisciplinary technical solutions in the field of energy, civil, industrial and environmental engineering, joins the EnergyLab board to reinforce its path towards sustainability and excellence in energy technological innovation.

The AIN ACTIVE group has 150 professionals who have developed more than 800 projects in 40 countries throughout the world. The entity designs structures and linear superficial and underground works, projects installations for the transport, transformation and distribution of electrical energy, provides the necessary technical support for the development of renewable energy projects from the initial studies to the control and supervision of the execution of works, defines and tests through CFDs and reduced models hydraulic and hydrological systems and performs environmental control of discharges into our rivers and coasts.

From EnergyLab we welcome you and we hope to be able to collaborate on projects that provide innovative solutions for the effective achievement and consolidation of the energy transition and the decarbonization objectives of society.