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NameLIFE ULISES: Upgrading wastewater treatment plants by Low cost Innovative technologies for energy SElf-Sufficiency and full recycling.
CategoryEnergy Technologies
Start DateJuly 2019
End DateJune 2023
LeaderFCC Aqualia, S.A.
PartnertsCETIM, CIESOL (University of Almería ) and EnergyLab
Financing entitiesLIFE+ Programme


The LIFE ULISES project aims to shift the conventional wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) into new urban biorefineries, by applying a set of innovative low-cost technologies that allow the production of valuable resources, such as biofuels, fertilizers and quality water suitable for irrigation. Moreover, the project seeks to reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint associated with water treatment, by increasing the efficiency of the conventional wastewater treatment thanks to the integration of different technologies in each of its main lines (water, gas and sludge).

EnergyLab's Tasks

Based on its large R&D activity in the use of biomethane for vehicles and its expertise in Life Cycle Management, EnergyLab will evaluate the quality of obtained biomethane as fuel for the automotive sector and the environmental performance of the whole project through Life Cycle Assessment.