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SGEF AB. On-Board Refrigeration Energy Management System

NameSGEF AB. On-Board Refrigeration Energy Management System
Start DateDecember 2021
End DateOctober 2023
LeaderARVI. Cooperativa de Armadores de Pesca del Puerto de Vigo
PartnersGradiant and EnergyLab (UNESIA)
Financing entitiesRecovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Next Generation European funds, within the framework of Royal Decree 685/2021, of August 3.


The objective of the project is to promote a more sustainable fishing sector through the development and validation of a new intelligent refrigeration energy management system on ships, which will speed up the digital transformation of the fishing fleet, while improving competitiveness and the environmental impact of the sector.

EnergyLab's Tasks

The scope of EnergyLab’s tasks is to develop a ship energy management and optimization tool, based on 4.0 technologies and aimed at operating remotely from the shipowner’s headquarters. The characteristics of the SGEF are:

  • Ability to act from the ground in real time, facilitating technical support on board.
  • Predictive analysis of the energy needs of the facilities with a greater margin of anticipation.
  • Virtualization of the refrigeration plant through complex mathematical models.
  • Platform based on AI and Big Data, flexible and scalable to improve the monitoring of multiple ships and also extendable to different variables in the future that are not of a refrigeration nature (propulsion system, interior and exterior lighting, ventilation system, rudder pump, production of DHW, etc.).