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Improvement Thermal Comfort ZF Vigo Offices

NameImprovement Thermal Comfort ZF Vigo Offices
CategoryUrban Ecosystems
Start DateApril 2018
End DateJune 2018
ClientZF Vigo


The main’s project aim is to determinate the impact, that the replacement of existing fenestration in ZF Vigo offices has both on the internal thermal comfort conditions and on the building energy consumption. For this purpose, it was carried out the energy simulation of the current building. Besides, in order to maximize the results of this measure, the effects of replacing the existing lighting system are also analysed.

EnergyLab’s Tasks

EnergyLab was involved in the following tasks:

  • Making an energy model of the current state of the first and second floors, as well as the characterisation of the thermal demands of the facilities.
  • Modelling proposed solutions by ZF Vigo.
  • Determination of the improvement of comfort after the execution of the energy rehabilitation.
  • Quantification of the expected energy and economic savings resulting from the implementation of the measures.