10 años Energylab

LIFE LUGO Biomass and self-consumption

NameLIFE LUGO Biomass and self-consumption
CategoryUrban Ecosystems
Start DateJune 2017
End DateDecember 2018
ClientPlataforma de Enxeñería da Madeira Estrutural PEMADE


The Lugo + Bioclimático project involves the global planning of a multi-ecological neighborhood, which allows the implementation of a new resilient urban model in the face of new environmental scenarios. As one of the icons of the project, the Impulso Verde building was designed. This was finally resolved with a unique polyhedral geometry, built based on the structural use of cross-laminated wood of native origin, whose lack of alignment gives the whole a “dynamic” perception. This energy strategy will lay the foundation for the design of a new urban area, where future homes will be interconnected with this innovative neighborhood concept

EnergyLab's Tasks

EnergyLab performed the following tasks:

  • Energy characterisation of the local renewable resource in the environment of the IMPULSO VERDE building.
  • Optimisation of the thermal envelope of the building and assistance in the design of thermal buffer spaces.
  • Assessment and proposal of the best combination of thermal and electrical generation facilities to maximise renewable generation and reduce the environmental impact of the building.
  • Energy simulation of the IMPULSO VERDE Building and its facilities under the chosen solution, taking into account that the renewable facilities include the initially planned biomass boiler and electricity generation systems for self-consumption.