10 años Energylab

Digester 2.0

NameDigester 2.0
Start DateMay 2017
End DateOctober 2018
PartnersEnergyLab, Norvento and the University of Minho.
Financing entitiesHorizon 2020 through FORTISSIMO Program


Digester 2.0 has as main objective the development of simulation tools to support the optimization of the anaerobic digestion process and to maximize the generation of biogas from manure. This will be done by developing a model, based on the ADM1, that takes into account not only the physical-chemical and biological parameters, but also the speed, the type of agitation, the temperature and the geometry of the digester.

EnergyLab's Tasks

EnergyLab performed the following tasks:

  • Development and definition of the mathematical model that integrates fluid dynamics and biological processes in a single model
  • Collaboration in the development of the OpenFoam code, necessary for the numerical resolution of the previously defined model.Validación del modelo desarrollado, utilizando para ello datos de un digestor real.
  • Collaboration in the definition of a business plan for the exploitation of the project results.
  • Collaboration in the definition of a plan to disseminate the results obtained in the project.