10 años Energylab

Galician Forests and Absorption of CO2

NameGalician Forests and Absorption of CO2
CategoryUrban Ecosystems
Start DateMay 2015
End DateJune 2017


Design and dissemination of forest models that make their greenhouse gas (GHG) sink function compatible with the use of quality forest products, through the development of procedures and methodologies for obtaining environmental indicators and their periodic monitoring.

EnergyLab's Tasks

EnergyLab performed the following tasks:


  • Development of procedures and methodology for obtaining the following indicators on environmental quality:
    • Trees planted annually in Galicia
    • Absorption of CO2 in Galician forests
    • Environmental impact of forest fires and management and sustainable forest certification.


  • Dissemination and exposure tasks, including:
    • Development of a digital dissemination platform
    • Guide for the presentation of mountains as CO2 absorption projects
    • Organization of a final educational forum.