10 años Energylab

10 Years EnergyLab

2018: EnergyLab Reaches 10 Years of History

10 years innovating in everything related to energy efficiency, 10 years making the world a little more sustainable, 10 years generating jobs, 10 years boosting labour integration of youth and women, 10 years increasing our presence in Europe, 10 years of experience which started with a purpose…

The Necessity of Reducing Energy Consumption is Brought to Light

The increasing energy intensity and the important dependence on fossil fuels, both in Spain and the rest of the EU, bring to light the urgent necessity of reducing energy consumption by efficiency and improve the energy generation mix by sustainability.

For this reason, from the Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora de Energía y Medio Ambiente Sostenible de Galicia (Galician Sustainable Energy and Environment Innovative Business Group) decided to create a technology centre focused on efficiency and sustainability. This project is supported –among others- by Plataforma Tecnolóxica Galega de Enerxía (ENERXE) (Galician Energy Technology Platform), Xunta de Galicia, Galician universities, and the business network through national and international leading companies. The whole process is complete on 12 de September 2008 with the formation of Fundación EnergyLab.

With this mission and this view, EnergyLab has become an expert in energy efficiency and sustainability, getting more and more scientific-technical capability by the accomplishment of  R+D+I projects, both in industry, mobility or buildings, always considering alternative energies.


EnergyLab is Growing Little by Little

Quality is a constant challenge in the development of our projects as well as respect for environment. This is why -in 2013- our entity gets the Quality Management System and the Environment Certification, in the ISO 9001 and14001 respectively.


EnergyLab Continues to Face Challenges…

Until it turns one of the 6 Galician technology centres, recognised by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, becoming a key element for Galician competitiveness and joining the Technology Intersectorial Alliance of Galicia (Alianza Tecnológica Intersectorial de Galicia, ATIGA).


During these 10 years of history, EnergyLab has developed more than 100 innovation projects, together with companies and entities from 9 countries, helping to improve energy consumption and environmental sustainability of more than 50 corporate customers.

Furthermore, due to its commitment to knowledge transfer to business network, EnergyLab, has trained more than 1,510 professionals from more than 500 companies.

EnergyLab has contributed to the quality stable employment, as it has created 55 jobs since its formation. The average contract term exceeds 3 years and 20% of them were offered to young recent graduates who accessed the labour market for the first time.

Nowadays, we are 33 professionals from which 61% are women. A young highly qualified staff with an average age of 35, 89% of university graduates and 21% doctors. We have worked-and work- every day to turn EnergyLab into the national energy efficiency reference centre it is today.


65 Training Courses
+ 1.510 Pupils
+ 500 Trained Companies


+100 Innovation Projects
+ 50 Clients
9 Countries


55 Jobs
61% Female Employment
20% First Job